Gritin Light-Blackout Cotton Sleep Mask

Sale price$9.99

Natural Comfort Fabric: This sleep mask is made of 100% natural quality pure cotton. Provide you with a super breathable and comfortable experience, super soft and skin-friendly, no odor and no allergies.

100% Blackout: This eye mask is designed to create a completely dark sleeping environment, so you can get a good night's sleep or a nap anywhere! This is a good partner for you to relax completely and enjoy sleep.

No Pressure on the Eyes: The appearance of the eye mask is designed according to the face shape of most people, the unique design will not increase the pressure on the eyes, provide a quiet and comfortable feeling, and help you sleep soundly.

Adjustable Elastic Band: With an adjustable elastic band, it won't move or fall out while sleeping, it also fits all head circumference sizes. Create the most comfortable sleeping position without tangling your hair.

Additional Accessories: Soft and comfortable earplugs help to prevent noise around you.Compact and portable,perfect for flying, relaxing at the office and business travel.