Illuminate the story every night and take good care of your eyes.

Professional Eye Protection Book Light

The innovative reading experience with eye care mode & ergonomic design.

Hands-free Neck Reading Light


Amazing book light

This book light is amazing for the price, super sturdy, different light settings. I absolutely love it and would repurchase again or as a gift.

Sarah Louise

Amazing light !

Amazing , works perfectly love how I can change the light to 3 different colour settings , and press and hold the brightness button to turn up and down its a fantastic gift for any book worm :)
And chargeable too :) no batteries .

Phoebe Miller

Perfect for reading at night

I wanted something to read at night without needing a full light and decided to try this. I honestly expected it to fall apart or be too dim to be useful, but it's bright and as you can see from the photo, the clip is big enough to hold onto a book, but also unobtrusive. The book in the photo is open a few hundred pages in but the clip still fits. I'm pleasantly surprised by how good this is. You can change the brightness of the light or switch to a softer tone.

Mrs G. Costi

Great book light

Covers the whole page and you can chose your level of brightness and light colour


Good-looking, versatile light

I actually bought this for reading music. It will clip on to a folder and be unobtrusive in concerts. The price was competitive.

Peter F Wright

It's changed my reading for the good

I have struggled to read at night time with low lighting, but can now read a book anywhere. It fits onto the book easy and has a good battery life with a USB connection.
Wish I had got one years ago.