Gritin Light-Blackout Design Eye Zero-Pressure 3D Sleeping Mask

Sale price$10.99

【100% Block Out Light】Designed new 3D contour cutting and updated nose fit technology. The nose part is equipped with an adjustable cartilage clip, which can effectively block lights entry from the nose area and easily fit any nose height, allowing you to quickly enter a dim sleeping environment and enjoy a comfortable and sweet sleep.

【Zero Pressures on the Eyes】Perfect 3D design is based on ergonomics, the eye area is deeper and wider, and the unique hollow contour is more suitable for facial conditions to achieve perfect shading effect. Effectively reduces eyelid and lash friction without causing eye pressure or discomfort and keep your makeup from smudge, It is completely sewn by high-precision machines and durable stitching, which guarantees its quality.

【Super Soft and Comfortable Fabric】The inner layer is made of slow-rebound memory foam, and the outer layer is made of soft and breathable fabric. Ultra-skin comfort, light and odorless, this sleeping mask will pampers your delicate eye area and help you have a relaxing sleep.

【Adjustable Buckle Strap】High elastic headband and flexible sliding buckle help you easily adjust to the best position for your head circumference. It reduces pressure on the back of the head and is suitable for different head sizes. It keeps your hair from getting loose or tangled in any sleeping position.

【Ideal Sleeping Companion】Our sleeping mask is an irresistible choice for anyone looking for a sleeping companion. The two sides of the face are ultra-thin design, which can reduce the excess light caused by sideways extrusion and greatly relieve the stress caused by sleeping on your side, improving sleep quality. 2 extra pairs of earbuds protect you from ambient noise, whether you're on your lunch break, at the office, on a plane or on the train.

【Tips】 Quality sleep can reduce wrinkles, dark circles to improve beauty, and enhance cognition, motivation and decision-making.