Brand Story

Who is Gritin?

The Gritin has always been committed to providing high quality home life, electronic accessories and outdoor sports products at an affordable price. We hope that a variety of products can bring more convenience to customers' lives, so that they can enjoy the pleasure of life easily. Gritin adheres to this philosophy, and after years of hard work, we have finally been widely recognized by customers in the market. Even so, Gritin employees maintain a high sense of crisis and regularly do self-reflection. We are constantly looking for market feedback on our services and products, and take pride in understanding and meeting the needs of consumers.

Why is Gritin?
Contracted and Practical Design
Gritin has been adhering to the design philosophy of contracted but not simple, which is based on the practicality of products. We combine the contracted style with exquisite workmanship in order to design high quality products that serve the users’ lives.

Rigorous Inspection Standards
Gritin has strict requirements for the selection of raw materials. We only choose high-quality and reusable environmental materials, and absolutely do not use raw materials containing RoHS, so as to reduce the impact on the environment. In addition, Gritin also has a dedicated product experience team to comprehensively evaluate the performance of all aspects of the products from the perspective of consumers. If there are unqualified products, it will never be put into production until it is solved, so as to ensure that the perfect products can be delivered to customers.

Quality After-sales Service
Sincerity, patience, comprehensiveness and efficiency are the guidelines for Gritin after-sales service. We will keep track of customers' feedback on relevant products, and provide professional answers to customers' questions, so that customers have no worries.

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